A New exciting vision for Islam in America, help shape it!

Join us for an exciting weekend of interactive discussions, presentations and breakout sessions about the future of Islam in America.

This is our opportunity as American Muslims who represent the silent majority made up of reverts, second generation Muslims and professionals who want to take back our faith from destructive cultural habits, extremism and nationalistic views and focus our energy on defending our way of life from the internal and external threats that have plagued our communities for so long and start sharing the message of peace to humanity.

We call upon you to answer this call to action by gathering all together as like minded American Muslims to build a better tomorrow for ourselves, our children and our neighbors.   A new Dawn is coming and your opportunity to get involved is here.

Bring your family and friends to be part of a new movement for change.  Your opportunity to network with American Muslims from around the country.



Join like minded American Muslim professionals, reverts and peace advocates

• Be part of planning for the future of the American Muslim community

• More planning by YOU, less lecturing by others

• A results-oriented conference for YOU

• Train to become a Peace Ambassador

• Your time to make a difference is NOW!

This is your invitation to share your ideas, expertise and resources on:

• Marketing & Outreach

• Education & Youth Empowerment

• Media & Communication

• Community Development & Organizing

• Social Services & Relief

• Banking & Finance




Marriage Sessions and Workshops

Jummah Prayer

Exhibit Space and Time

Comedy Show


General Sessions: THE HEALTHY MUSLIM FAMILY (Free Sessions)


 • The Allah Centered Family

 • Islamic Marriage: Completing your Faith

 • Rights & Responsibilities of Husbands and Wives

 • Rights & Responsibilities of Parents

 • Rights & Responsibilities of Children

 • Divorce: Reasons and Costs


Workshop Sessions: (Registration Fee Required to Attend)


 • Finding your Match

 • Singles Personality Workshop

 • Love & Marriage

 • Successful Parenting: Facing the Challenges

Luncheon Banquet with The Deen Show (Registration Fee Required to Attend)


General Sessions: THE MODEL MUSLIM COMMUNITY (Free Sessions)


 • The American Masjid: The Heart of the Community

 • The Islamic School: Preparing Future Muslim Leaders

 • Muslim Social Services: Islam in Action

Workshop Sessions: (Registration Fee Required to Attend)


 • Medicine of the Prophet: A Holistic Approach to Healthcare in America

 • Love, Marriage and Sex in Islam (Adults ONLY) Workshops

THE NATIONAL MUSLIM COMMUNITY: Challenges & Opportunities


General Sessions: DAWAH: FOLLOWING THE WAY OF THE PROPHET: (Free Sessions)


 • Legacy of the Prophet: Our Individual Responsibility

 • The Role of the Converts

 • Social Media & the Power of the Network

 • Shining the Spotlight on Islam: Media Relations (TV, Radio, Print)

 • Colleges and Universities: Shaping the Mind of the Future Leaders

 • Building Bridges: Interfaith in Islam


Workshop Sessions: (Registration Fee Required to Attend)

 • American Islam: Setting up a Chapter

 • Interfaith: Possibilities and Limitations


Theme Park Visits


Islam Awareness Night at the Orlando Magic


Theme Park Visits


Theme Park Visits


Career Development Retreat


Jummah Prayer & Orientation

Islamic Jeopardy

Strategic Planning: Identifying who you want to be

Youth Leadership Team Activities


Seminars Sessions: (Registration Fee Required to Attend)


 • College/Vocational School Selection

 • Getting Active on Campus

 • Career Exploration: Muslims in Demand

 • How to Pay for College

 • Islamic Banking: Islam Federal Credit Union





Conference Agenda

Join us for an exciting weekend of interactive discussions, presentations and breakout sessions about the future of Islam in America


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