Conference Review 2013

Event Agenda Review 2013


December 25

Guests arrival & Hotel Check-in

December 26 –  All Day at Disney World

2nd Annual Doctors Appreciation Event

Private event - by invitation only


December 27 –Jummah & Keynote Address for Conference

Jummah Prayer


Youth Event

Keynote Address - "American Islam: A New Dawn"

December 28 - Conference


Breakout Sessions

A. Sharing Islam with Your Neighbors: Legacy of the Prophet

B. Shining the Spotlight on Islam: Communication & Media Relations Voyage


Breakout Sessions

C. The Future of Islam: Education & Youth Empowerment Voyage

D. Building a Foundation of Unity: Community Organizing & Development

Zuhur Prayer/Networking/Free Time


 Saturday... Continued


Breakout Sessions:

A. Medicine of the Prophet: A Holistic Approach to Healthcare in America Voyage

B. Shining the Spotlight on Islam: Communication & Media Relations En Espanol

Asr Prayer

Breakout Sessions:

C. Islam in America: Understanding your Constitutional Rights

D. Human Trafficking: Becoming an Advocate against Modern Day Slavery

Maghrib/Isha Prayer

Evening at Disney World

December 29 - Conference Closing Session

(Breakfast on your own)

Breakout Sessions

A. Banking & Finance: The Morality of Money P

B. Filling the Void: Social Services Outreach

American Islam: 2014 Goals & Recommendations

Zuhur Prayer/Networking/Lunch on your own

Volunteer Appreciation

Orlando Magic Game

December 30 –Free Day/Guest Departure

A New exciting vision for Islam in America, help shape it!


Join like minded American Muslim professionals, reverts and peace advocates

• Be part of planning for the future of the American Muslim community

• More planning by YOU, less lecturing by others

• A results-oriented conference for YOU

• Train to become a Peace Ambassador

• Your time to make a difference is NOW!

• This is your invitation to share your ideas, expertise and resources on:

• Marketing & Outreach

• Education & Youth Empowerment

• Media & Communication

• Community Development & Organizing

• Social Services & Relief

• Banking & Finance



Join us for an exciting weekend of interactive discussions, presentations and breakout sessions about the future of Islam in America

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