101 Muslim American Stories

We are reaching out to different Muslim professionals around the US to invite them to be part of a project for collecting the stories of regular everyday Muslim Americans and profiling them in a new book project called “101 Muslim American Stories.” The goal of the book is to present the true image of Muslim Americans and dispel the many stereotypes and misconceptions that exist.

Our objective is to showcase the diversity that exists within the Muslim community and parallel it with the story of America related to celebrating diversity and focusing on unity.

The project is sponsored by American Islam, a non-profit organization focused on presenting the accurate message of Islam to the nation.

If you are interested to be part of this project for positive change in America, we would like to invite you to send in your profile for the 101 Muslim American Stories project.
Please click on the Muslim Stories button below to submit your profile.

This information will be used to develop your profile for promotion once selected.

We look forward to having you join our 101 Muslim American Stories project to bring better understanding about Islam to the community.

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