New Member Resources

The following activities are available for New Converts and Peace Activists to keep them connected to the community and help in their spiritual growth:

The Pursuit of Peace: Introduction to Islam 101 Class

Online Sessions

Weekly FAQ meeting Saturdays at 6pm

Register here

Advanced Convert Class:

Speaker: Imam Musri

Face to Face meetings (F2F) and online FaceBook Group

Weekly on Saturdays at 11am-1pm in the Center for Peace

Join on FaceBook Group at: In the Pursuit of Peace: Introduction to Islam


Volunteering Mentorship:

Volunteering with different projects in the Muslim community

Receive mentoring while volunteering from active practicing Muslims

Apply to volunteer by visiting:

Apply to Volunteer

Online Islamic Knowledge Resources:

Visit the Explore Islam Page for more information about Islam

Explore Islam

Friday Khutbah recordings:

Join us Live for the online Khutbah every Friday at 12noon:

Watch Khutbah

Previous Friday Sermons:

Watch previous recordings

SSC Islamic History class:

For those interested in the History of the Islamic Civilization, register for the Politics, Society and Islam Online class at Seminole State College starting on January 12th at 2:30pm


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