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New Muslim Support Group Form

Please Note: The following information is optional and is held in strictest confidence and is solely used to provide you with the level of support you may need.

The following activities are available for New Converts and Peace Activists to keep them connected to the community and help in their spiritual growth:

The Pursuit of Peace: Introduction to Islam 101 Class

Online Sessions

Weekly FAQ meeting Saturdays at 6pm

Register here

Advanced Revert Class:

Take a journey through the depth of Islam with the Quran and the Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Weekly Live sessions on Saturdays


New Muslim Guide Information:

Click below for more information

 The NEW Muslim Guide

Dawah Empowerment Training Academy:

Learn How to Share the Message with your friends and family members.

Register Here

Volunteering Mentorship:

Volunteering with different projects in the Muslim community

Receive mentoring while volunteering from active practicing Muslims

Apply to volunteer by visiting:

Apply to Volunteer

Online Islamic Knowledge Resources:

Visit the Explore Islam Page for more information about Islam

Explore Islam

Friday Khutbah recordings:

Join us Live for the online Khutbah every Friday at 12noon:

Watch Khutbah

Previous Friday Sermons:

Watch previous recordings

Islamic History class:

For those interested in the History of the Islamic Civilization, register for the Politics, Society and Islam Online class.


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