The Remembrance Dawah Investment program has been developed to provide an opportunity for family members to support the work of peace by sharing the message of Islam through an investment in a specific fund within the American Islam Dawah operation in memory of their deceased or living loved ones. A listing of the programs that American Islam manages is provided below. You can select any of the funds you would like to support and it will be named after your loved one in their memory.

Please check off the program you would like to invest in and watch the dividends of your contribution provide perpetual rewards for your loved ones as a Sadaqah Jariyah.

Each family will receive promotion of their fund on our website and a plaque of recognition for their contribution and effort in supporting different Educational, Community Relations and Social Service programs.

Check any of the following areas of investment

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Ibrahim & Mariam
The Peace Institute
Ibrahim & Mariam

Minimum Annual Donation of $1000.00 to Qualify

Dawah Material Distribution Fund

Sponsorship of educational material that helps promote the accurate message of Islam to the community that includes Qur’ans in English and Spanish with Discover Islam brochures and DVDs.


Muslim Social Services – Food Pantry Truck Purchase

Supports the transportation costs of the Muslim Social Services for outreach efforts in the community to maintain long-term development and sustainability for the food pantry operation for pick and delivery of food.


Dawah Chapters Establishment Fund

Establishing Centers for Peace in the general community to help educate the public about the accurate message of Islam.


Dawah Marketing Fund

Utilizing traditional and modern marketing methods to invite members of the public to learn about Islam.


Islam Open House Invitationals Fund

Helps support the monthly Open House Invitationals taking place at different Masjids to welcome our neighbors and visitors to learn about Islam with educational material and dinner services.


New Reverts Support Fund

Provide material support to reverts adopting Islam as their new way of life. Material includes, prayer rugs, hijabs, books and DVDs.


Mobile Relief Outreach Program Fund

Supports the local relief outreach programs to the community with food assistance, health checkups and Dawah outreach.


Youth Empowerment Fund

Providing support for our youth with exciting fun activities and programs to keep maintaining their Islamic identity and commitment.


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